Great Service

I had a great experience with Steve's. He kept his word, there were no hidden costs. The crew was polite and well mannered. I highly recommend Steve's to anyone... THANKS STEVE'S PROPERTY! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Professionals contractors

Steve was contracted to do a very big job for me; replacing a retaining wall. He really has a true sense of project management. Materials and equipment arrived on time, There were no delays. The schedule went like clockwork. He finished the job in the time allotted and at the contracted price. He worked hard but was friendly and professional at all times. I was truly happy I had awarded him the work. It was a huge job and it looks fantastic. The highest rating from me Steve. Thank you.
-Carolyn H..

Fantastic Job!

Steve did a fantastic job. The staff were professional and very confident in what they were doing. We were very pleased with the job and would recommend them in the future. Good work guys.
-Charlene Ince-Hartlen


Amazing work!

Amazing work!!Very professional and and on time. the whole crew are a very hard working bunch of fellows. Love what you did and how fast it was completed Thanks.

Awesome work

very nice john, you do awesome work.
-Christine Power

Very satisfied

Great work by a great guy.
-Virginia Byrne